to spend it doing something you don't love!

Want to make sure you're using the limited time you have available for your business to best effective?

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Are you feeling unappreciated, undervalued or unfulfilled in your job?

Do you feel like the office politics, the knock backs and constantly being undermined is slowly eroding your confidence?

Do you feel disillusioned and are starting to think there must be more to life than wasting your life away doing something you no longer enjoy?

As your life evolves, so do your priorities...

What was once important to you has now lost its shine.  And you feel like the scales have tipped and that the corporate world is no longer the right place for you.


The secure job and lifestyle you once coveted no longer holds the same allure.  It's been replaced by a desire for more freedom and flexibility in your life, to be able to follow your own path, pursue your ideas without having to jump through hoops, and be able to work where, when and how you want.

You're tired of working long hours, of missing out on your kid's school plays and sports games, and of constantly feeling exhausted when you get home.

You're fed up of being overlooked when opportunities come along, of feeling unsupported, of having your ideas dismissed and having obstacles put in your way.


You're no longer prepared to tailor elements of your personality in order to conform or fit in.  You want to be free to express yourself and to make the impact you know you're capable of.  

And are ready to step out the shadows, unleash your talents and start fulfilling your real potential.

It's time to start

Starting a business alongside a job means time becomes your most valuable commodity.

You don't have time to waste trying to work it all out for yourself, to go down the trial and error route or to spend hours sitting in front of a blank screen in a whirl of indecision.

What you need is a clear strategy to help you leverage your time and grow your business to the point where you are consistently earning a level of income that allows you to wave goodbye to your corporate life...

You need to find clarity and lay solid foundations on which to build your business.

You need to get to grips with the numbers, both financial and time-wise and decide on a leaving date so you can set realistic targets and make informed decisions to help you achieve your goals.

You need to create irresistible customer offers and develop a pricing strategy that will enable you to build your business to the point you can confidently leave your job within the hours you have available.

And you need to develop a simple but effective strategy which suits you and your personality to find and attract your customers, make it as easy as possible for them to buy from you, and to turn them into raving fans who will go on to endorse and promote your business for you.

And I can help you do just that...

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in the pursuit of what sets your

I will support you on your journey from unfulfilled corporate clone to empowered entrepreneur.


I've been where you are...and I know how you feel! 


I loved the work I was doing but the bureaucracy, office politics and  toxic work environment I found myself in led to my decision to make the leap and take back control of my life.

But I soon discovered that whilst the rewards are great, the journey itself can be full of potholes, dead ends, diversions and obstacles. 

I encountered a lot of unexpected challenges, wasted a lot of time trying to work it all out for myself and made A LOT of mistakes along the way.  But those mistakes also led to my biggest learning opportunities.

And that's why I decided to combine my 20+ years corporate experience and the skills, knowledge and experience I've gained starting my own business with my talent for spotting solutions, opportunities and possibilities that others don't see to help other women break free from the constraints and frustrations of the corporate world by building a business that leverages their talents and allows them to make the impact they know they're capable of.

I will challenge what you think is possible to you and help you to look at things in a whole new way.

I will help you avoid the potential pitfalls, overcome the challenges you come across and show you how to leverage your time to help you achieve your goals.

I will shine a light on what is really holding you back, provide you with the support and guidance you need, and hold you accountable to keep you focused and on-track.