Are you ready to put the sparkle into your business...?

We all dream of running an amazing business that provides us with a consistent income and supports our life goals.   But the reality is that being in business can be tough.  There is so much to do and learn that it is oh so easy to start feeling overwhelmed, leading to procrastination and a lack of focus.


Running a business can be fun, exciting, even exhilarating at times, but it can also be hard work, overwhelming and exhausting.


You end up spending most of your time juggling lots of different roles, leaving little time or energy for working 'on' your business.  The constant juggling can be exhausting and can leave you feeling completely overwhelmed and drained.


Sometimes you spend so much time in your own head trying to work everything out for yourself that you drive yourself mad.


It can also be lonely....especially when you're used to working with others and having people to bounce ideas off and get constructive feedback from.

This is for you if...

You are a woman on a mission to fulfil her potential and live the best life you can

You are ready to take action to create or grow your business to support the life you desire

You want to build a sustainable business based around your customers

You are craving a creative partner who will also provide you with support, guidance, accountability, help you gain clarity and work out the right way forward, and help you to see the possibilities and potential you have in you

You are tired and frustrated of working for little reward

You feel like you have more potential then you have been able to express and are being held back

You feel you are not getting the recognition you deserve where you currently and know you deserve more

You know you have the business acumen and skills, knowledge and experience you need to run a successful business and yet no matter how hard you try you are struggling to get your brain into gear 

You feel stressed and overwhelmed by all of the things you need to do and learn when you're starting out on your own and don't know what to focus on first

You are allowing fear and uncertainty to take control and stop you from moving forwards

You are sick of trying to figure it all out alone and of wasting your time and energy going around in circles

You miss having someone to bounce ideas off and get creative input from

Ready to take the next step...?

I will help you to put the                                        into your business, and your life...!

As part of my coaching packages we will work together using a combination of sound strategies, practical action planning, mindset and creative solutions and ideas to put the                  factor into your business and create the life you desire.


 Everybody's journey is different ~ at different stages in business, with different skill sets and a variety of issues and support needs, so we will focus on those areas which you most need help with to get you from where you are now to where you want to be.

We will cover a range of topics that fall into the following areas...

I will help you get clear on the Whys, What, Who and How to give you a solid foundation on which to start building your business on

I will help you purposefully create a sustainable business that will enable you to achieve your personal and professional goals by delighting your customers

I will help you be prepared so that you can consistently deliver the experience you have designed

I will help you put in place the building blocks to help you create a scalable and sustainable business that is able to grow and evolve over time

I will help you align your business and life visions to help you get the life of your dreams, because at the end of the day that’s what we’re all after…right!?!?!

Let me help you...

open your eyes to your potential and the possibilities out there for you

feel empowered to make your own decisions

find inspiration

discover the best way forward for you

stay on track by holding you accountable


Weekly 1:1 coaching calls conducted via Skype or Zoom call
Unlimited email access for the duration of the package

This isn't just an investment in your business, it is an investment in your life

Investment required from £3,500 dependent on the length of your chosen package 

(Payment Plan available)

Are you ready to put the           into your business and life...?

I sometimes put out one-off intensive session offers in my Facebook group

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