Do you dream of that day when you can hand in your notice and say goodbye to your job for good...?

We all have our own reasons for starting our own business.  It could be wanting…


        Flexibility to work how, where and when you want to so you can spend more time with friends and family or to travel, or just to have more time to indulge in your other passions

        To be able to use your creativity more and fulfill your potential

     To be free to follow your dreams, make your own decisions and not have to answer to anyone else

      To do something you really love doing so work no longer feels like work

     To upgrade your life and have and do all the things you’ve only been able to dream of up until now


But whilst starting your own business can be exciting, fun and rewarding, it can also leave you feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and exhausted, especially if you’re still holding down a job at the same time.


Spending all your time either working in your job or on your business is difficult to sustain over a long period of time so the sooner you can make that transition the better.  But that can be easier said than done.


The main challenges you will face when starting a business alongside a job are…


        Building a consistent level of income to enable you to wave goodbye to your job in the limited time that you have available

    Being able to use the limited time you have available to you as effectively as possible

        Getting and staying in the right mindset to help you to keep stepping outside your comfort zone and keep moving forwards, help you to overcome the transitional challenges you’ll face and to give you courage to take that final leap into full-time entrepreneurship


And that’s why I’ve created this guide for you…


In this guide, we will look at each of these challenges and how you can overcome them.

So...are you ready to get going...?