As a fellow creative and business owner, I fully understand the trials and challenges of setting up a business and the fears that can hold you back from making that leap, and can help you avoid the pitfalls and overcome any obstacles that will cross your path. 


I am passionate about helping you to create a successful business that will make your heart sing and allow you to fulfil your potential. 

I’m a business coach, mentor and strategist who works with creative-minded women who are feeling unappreciated, undervalued and unfulfilled in their job to help them break free of the constraints and frustrations of the corporate world by creating a business that leverages their talents, and allows them to create the impact they desire.


I combine 20+ years of corporate experience with my natural talents and my own experiences of starting a business to help my clients transform their lives by creating a business both they and their customers will love.


I help them get clear on what they want to do, who they want to help and how they are going to do that.  I make them rethink what is possible for them and encourage them to challenge the way things have always been done to create a business that suits them as well as meeting their customer’s needs and expectations.


I teach them how to use their creativity to solve problems and overcome challenges, come up with out of the box ideas, identify ways to stand out from the crowd, design experiences that will WOW their customers, and redefine how business is done to make it more enjoyable and less time consuming.

Are you ready to take that next step...?