Taking the time to put in place solid business foundations will save you time and energy in the long term.

A two hour Clarity session is just what you need to kickstart your business journey.

Two hours may not seem very long BUT they will be the most powerful, and arguably the most important two hours of your business life.

During that time you get to have my eyes on your business.  We will be delving deep down into the underbelly of your business making sure you are crystal clear on your Whys, Whats and Whos before building it back up again. 

Gaining clarity around your Whys, Whats and Whos will provide you with solid foundations on which to build your business.

Getting clear about your Whys, Whats and Whos will make it much easier to create a business that both your and your customers will love, and which will support your life goals.  It makes it easier to find, attract, sell to and serve the customers you really want to work with or serve.  And it will provide you with the motivation and focus you need to keep driving forwards, even when things don't go to plan. 

Before working with Melanie, I was feeling a bit confused and lacked clarity on the next steps I should take for my business.  The main thing holding me back was a lack of clarity around my target customer.


I really loved the energy Melanie brought to the session and the sincere way she helped me.  I really loved the feedback that she gave me and she helped me realise that I can have more than one target customer and helped me see that things can be easier than I think they are!


Melanie has helped me to develop a clear, structured way forward and I now feel much more energised about my business again, and excited about working towards the next step.


Just two weeks after our session, I had a discovery call following the structure Melanie gave me and I landed my first paying client!

Sherina Shamdasani | Free to Feel

During the Clarity session new ideas will be generated, light bulbs will go off in your head, and you will have big breakthroughs.


My clients have had amazing results off the back of their clarity session with me.  They have…

  • Fallen back in love with their business again, leaving with a renewed energy and focus and are now in the process of growing and expanding their business

  • Found the confidence to dream bigger than they thought was possible for them, and decided to pursue an idea that came up and started a new business venture as a result

  • Overcame the overwhelm that came with having a huge dream and walked away knowing how it could be achieved, and are now slowly but steadily building up their product portfolio and their income streams

  • Become more laser focused on priority activities which has allowed them to go on and make huge leaps in their business

  • Landed their first high end client two weeks later and have gone on to build a massive following