Have you been struggling to attract the sort of customers you'd love to work with...?

When your ​ideal customers, those brides and grooms who are looking for something a little different, are proving elusive it can be easy to believe it's because they're few and far between.

But before you resign yourself to settling for the same old vanilla customers as your bread and butter, think again...

Times are changing...and so are the desires and expectations of the modern bride and groom.  With the rise in Instagramable weddings, and more and more couples looking for ways to add the WOW factor to their big day and reflect their personalities through their wedding, the market for more unconventional wedding suppliers is growing.

The truth is there are only TWO reasons why your dream customers are proving elusive...

>>  You're casting your net too wide, and by trying to appeal to everyone are putting off those customers you're actually looking for

>>  Potential customers can't easily find all the information they need to buy from you so are going elsewhere

But don't worry, that's where I can help...


Whether you're new in business, struggling to get as many customers as you'd like or are not landing the sort of jobs you'd love to be working on, I can help you reposition your business, stand out from the crowd and start attracting your dream customers.

I will help you to...

  • Position your business in a way that allows you to talk to the customers you REALLY want to work with

  • Confidently own your uniqueness and shine

  • Make it as easy as possible for you to turn leads into customers

This package includes a combination of workbooks and guides to help you refocus on the type of customer you would love to be working with and the sort of work you want to be doing, and a review of your website and social media accounts with a 45 minute feedback session to provide you with valuable insights and guidance on how to realign your business in order to attract the customers you WANT!  

Where do I start!  Before I worked with Melanie I felt as if I had reached a huge stop point in my business. I was struggling to translate what my brand meant and how it translated into a viable proposition, so finding the right clients was a struggle.

Melanie is personable and friendly but isn't afraid of giving you the message you need to hear.  And she also came up with some fantastic ideas for my business.

Shift forwards 12 months and I've developed those ideas into a brand new business, have got my ideal customer coming through my website, and we're now building on them even further.

I couldn't have done it without Melanie. I wish I had had the opportunity to bring Melanie in to help me when I first set up the business.

Melanie is worth every penny - don't hesitate!

Linzi Barford, Unconventional Wedding

Just £195 

Are you an exhibitor at The Unconventional Wedding Festival? 

Then get a 10% discount by emailing me at melanie@melanie-coleman.com

Or 2 payments of £100

     Melanie Coleman 2018