Do you have


but are struggling to achieve them...?

Every year you start the New Year determined to make the coming year your BEST YEAR YET!


You get yourself a lovely new planner, write down your BIG goals and set out all excited and determined that this year you WILL achieve your goals.


But within months, if not weeks, life takes over…


You become engrossed in the day to day challenges of running your business, juggling your hectic family life, keeping the house in a reasonably presentable state, and maybe even doing all this alongside a job as well.


Your planner ends up lying there gathering dust on the side with only the first few months filled in, those BIG goals you set yourself at the beginning of the year become a distant memory, and instead you start plucking random goals out of thin air each month…assuming you actually remember it’s the beginning of a new month.


The year flies by in a heartbeat and when you look back, you can’t help feeling like you’re no closer to achieving those big dreams than you were at the beginning of the year.


But you know what…you’re far from being alone doing this!

The truth is that out of those people who set goals at the beginning of the year a staggering

will fail to achieve their goals!

A whopping
of people have no goals
of people keep their goals in their head
of people write their goals down
of people write their goals down AND review them regularly
And just
Unsurprisingly, that 1% are the highest achievers and this is why...
Working towards goals increases performance by up to
compared to 'doing your best'
People with written goals are
more likely to achieve them than those who don't

If you want to become a high achiever, you need to start doing something differently...

According to research, the most effective strategy for achieving goals is to…


      Write down your goals, getting so specific that you can really connect with the outcome and how that will feel

      Break down your goals into easily actionable steps and take consistent action towards them

      Share your goals with a confidante, and

      Provide regular progress updates to that confidante

This is why I have created the

Goal Getting Goddesses


The Mastermind is a two part program, consisting of a workshop and a year's membership to the private Goal Getting Goddesses community where you will find advice and guidance, support, camaraderie, and most importantly, accountability.

Just IMAGINE what life would be like if you got really serious about pursuing your goals.

The truth is...

You can have it all...!

You can Be, Do and Have anything your heart desires.  You could...


An author

A speaker

An award winner

An inspirational leader

A retreat host

A famous artist

Or anything else you want to be


Travel to all the places on your bucket list in whatever style suits you

Spend more time doing things you're passionate about

Attend the conferences and retreats you've been dreaming of

Do the course and qualifications that will allow you to keep growing and evolving

Eat out more

Go to the theatre

Spend more time with friends and family

Give more to charity

Or anything else you want to do


Buy or build your dream house

Buy your dream car

Your own studio/workshop/office/shop/salon

A wardrobe full of designer clothes

A little haven all of your own where you can shut the door and relax

Regular pamper treatments

Someone to clean your house

A personal trainer to keep you on-track

More friends with shared interests

Or anything else you want to have

It's time to think BIG, dream BIGGER, and most start living those dreams...

So how will the

Goal Getting Goddesses


help you achieve your dreams...?

The In-Person Workshop element of the program will be held at the majestic

Warwick Castle

on Thursday 4th January 2018

I am so excited to be hosting this workshop at one of my favourite places, somewhere I have visited numerous times over the years and the inspiration for many of my childhood dreams.

During the workshop you will…

      Create a Vision that you feel really passionate about

      Identify the right mix of goals for 2018 that will help you grow and expand your horizons, AND support your long term Vision

      Create a plan for the coming year so that you don’t end up feeling completely overwhelmed by all the things you want to achieve over the course of the year

      Break down your Q1 goals into an easily achievable action plan

The day will include an interactive workshop, lunch and refreshments throughout the day plus, for those who fancy taking full advantage of this amazing venue, free entry to the castle.  

As well as being a fun, creative, inspiring and energising, the workshop is also a great opportunity to network with other female entrepreneurs in real life.

So if you are missing human interactions or like the thought of a day bonding with like-minded female entrepreneurs, this is the opportunity for you...


Ready to start achieving your goals and live the life of your dreams...?

But whether you’re able to attend the in-person workshop or do that element virtually, this Mastermind doesn’t stop there…


I want to make sure that you actually ACHIEVE your 2018 goals, which is why this Mastermind will also include year long access to a community of women who are also striving to achieve their goals.

You will be invited to join our private Facebook group where you will have access to...

A range of Business Planning templates


Mini trainings

Regular prompts to keep you on track

I want to make sure that you actually ACHIEVE your 2018 goals, which is why this Mastermind will also include year long access to a community of women who are also striving to achieve their goals.

You will be invited to join our private Facebook group where you will have access to...

A range of Business Planning templates


Mini trainings

Regular prompts to keep you on track

Inspiration and Motivation

Advice and Guidance



If you're not in the UK or are unable to make it to the In-Person workshop, don't worry...

I have also created a virtual workshop which will be starting on Monday 8 January 2018.

I will walk you through exactly the same process using videos and workbooks.

You may not have the opportunity to meet in person but...

By the end of the Mastermind you will...

Be cracking open the champagne (or Elderflower Fizz if you don't drink) to celebrate achieving all your 2018 goals

Be well on your way to achieving your big, scary long term vision and having everything that you want to Be, Do and Have

Feel like a real Goal Getting Goddess, with the knowledge that you can achieve anything you set your heart on

Have a whole group of new business besties who you can go to for support and advice, and endless opportunities to collaborate and widen your network from the comfort of your own home

But don't just take my word for it...

I had been getting overwhelmed by the enormity of what I wanted to achieve, and was struggling with the financing and planning aspects of my business.


After talking to Melanie I now have a much clearer idea of what I need to do, have started planning properly and feel like my business goals are now much more achievable.  I’ve realised that I need to slow down and take more time to plan my business properly.


Melanie is knowledgeable, friendly and very easy to talk to, and she put me at ease straight away.  She was always happy to explain things to me and I felt comfortable asking her anything."

Emma Debben | Wild Forest Wool |

"Where do I start!  Before I worked with Melanie I felt as if I had reached a huge stop point in my business. I was struggling to translate what my brand meant and how it translated into a viable proposition, so finding the right clients was a struggle.


Melanie is personable and friendly but isn't afraid of giving you the message you need.  I can't tell you how many times I finished my call with Melanie and said to my other half - Melanie suggested this and I've been thinking about that for ages - why haven't I done it?


Melanie also came up with some fantastic ideas for my business which I have actively taken forward


After working with Melanie, I'm definitely more positive.  I feel proud of my website and the changes we made and it now feels like the website reflects my brand.  I couldn't have made those steps without Melanie's help!


The biggest gift Melanie has given me is learning not to hide my potential behind my insecurities.


Melanie is worth every penny - don't hesitate!


If you’ve reached a standstill in your business or have fallen out of love with it - Melanie will re-energise you and get you back on track."

Linzi Barford | Black & White Cat Weddings |



In-person workshop - Just £399

Virtual workshop - Just £349

It's time to push your limits...

to think big and dream bigger.

And it's time to start achieving those dreams...