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Making money really doesn't need to be so hard...

Ready to end the sales famine and LAND MORE SALES?


Want to grow your customer base and start CONSISTENTLY hitting your income goals?

Want to stop putting in long hours just to scrape by and start turning a profit with MORE EASE?


Want to be able to launch new products and services that will have customers FLOCKING to buy?


Want to feel more CONFIDENT and start having FUN with your business?

Whether you're just starting out in business or are wanting to increase your sales and consistently hit your income goals, being able to attract new customers is key.

But that can be easier said than done...

There are a multitude of things that can trip you up and hold you back...trying to cast your net too wide, not being able to find out where your ideal customer hangs out, not providing the information your customer needs to make a buying decision, and let's not forget getting out of your own way.

So, if you’re fed up of working your socks and not getting paid what you're worth and are ready to start taking action, then I have created a group programme that is perfect for you.

During the 4 week

‘From Shrinking Violet to Sales Goddess’

group programme, we will cover...


Together we’ll unpack the mindset struggles and limiting beliefs that have left you and your business invisible to your customers.  We’ll rewire your thinking, build your self confidence and help you master your message


We’re going to break down the specific steps you need to take to clearly define and effortlessly connect with your ideal customer and develop a deep understanding of their problems so you can provide solutions that sell 


I’ll show you the systems, processes and policies you need in place and how to implement them to ensure your customers can find you, buy from you and recommend you with ease

This is for you if any of this sound familiar...

You're tired and frustrated of working for little reward, of giving away freebies but not being able to land any paying customers 

You're finding it a real struggle adjusting to the demands of the entrepreneurial world, and in particular, with suddenly being thrust into the limelight and having to sell yourself as well as your products or services

 You have found that all of a sudden all of your fears and limiting beliefs are rising to the surface, blocking you at every turn, holding you back from achieving your dreams and keeping you small

You know you're great at what you sell but when you look around at all these amazing entrepreneurs you see online you can't help but feel that self doubt creeping in, making you believe that you will never be able to achieve the same success that they have

You're struggling to work out who your 'ideal customer' is, torn between different customer groups you'd love to work with

You can't work out where your 'ideal customer' hangs out or how to get them to engage 

You worry about how you can possibly stand out in such a crowded market where competitors are cheaper, louder, more experienced, more established...

Ready to step out of your comfort zone and start earning what you're worth...?

By the end of our time together, you will have learned how to...

Get out of your own way, break down your limiting beliefs and CONQUER your fears around being visible and making sales

Understand how to find and attract more ideal customers who are ready to buy from you RIGHT NOW!


Find your voice and create a MAGNETIC marketing message

Step into your power, embrace your inner goddess and OWN your expertise

Create IRRESISTIBLE products and services that your customers can’t get enough of

Get comfortable ASKING for the sale

Make it EASY for your customers to buy from you

The programme is going to transform you from a

Shrinking Violet

to a

Sales Goddess

But don't just take my word for it...

Before working with Melanie, I was feeling a bit confused and lacked clarity on the next steps I should take for my business.  The main thing holding me back was a lack of clarity around my target customer.


I really loved the energy Melanie brought to the session and the sincere way she helped me.  I really loved the feedback that she gave me and she helped me realise that I can have more than one target customer and helped me see that things can be easier than I think they are!


Melanie has helped me to develop a clear, structured way forward and I now feel much more energised about my business again, and excited about working towards the next step.


Just two weeks after our session, I had a discovery call following the structure Melanie gave me and I landed my first paying client!"

Sherina Shamdasani | Free to Feel |

"I just want to give a shout out and say a big THANK YOU to Melanie Coleman!


In just the few days since our Clarity session I have completely changed the way I feel about my business and have started attracting new clients and collaborations and feel like I know where I've been going wrong!


You re-ignited the fire and I'm so grateful!


Thank you xxx"

Debbie Goodall | The Abundant Beauty Business Club |


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4 weekly group coaching calls

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