Module 3

Building Your Visibility

Welcome to Module 3 of the 'From Shrinking Violet to Sales Goddess' programme

Now you have your Ideal Customer(s) nailed, it's time to get visible!

In this module, we will be looking at how you can stand out, even in an apparently crowded market, and different ways you can get visible.  Just remember though that you don't have to be doing everything, you only have to pick those ways that suit you and your business. 

By the end of module you will...

        have identified the best way for you to position yourself in your market and stand out from the crowd 

        have identified ways for you to gather social proof

      have developed a visibility strategy, incorporating the various ways you want to use

      have developed a Content Plan for the year

Standing Out from the Crowd

Download the transcript to Stand Out from the Crowd here...

Let's Get Visible

Download the transcript to Let's Get Visible here...
Download your Module 3 Workbook here...
Here are some 
Download your Visibility Strategy and Planner here...
Download your Content Planner here...
Download your Daily Planner here...
Module 3 Checklist
  1.   Watch  the Stand Out from the Crowd video  (there's also a transcript for you to download for future  reference)
  2.   Watch the Let's Get Visible video  (there is also a transcript for you to download for future reference)
  3.   Download the Visibility Strategy and Planner and Content Planner
  4.   Download and work your way through the Module 3 Workbook
  5. Download the bonus Daily Planner
So are you ready to start attracting your dream customers...?
Let's get to it...