Sometimes it's the little things that create the biggest WOW...

February 13, 2017



Many people make the mistake of thinking that they need to spend lots of money on expensive gimmicks in order to create the WOW factor for their customers.


The truth is you can create a big impact just by focusing on getting the smaller things right.  Giving free advise that adds value, speedy service and delivery, fast turnaround times for enquiries and complaints, attention to detail and personalising what people would expect to be a standard service all help to create a good impression and often exceed customer’s expectations.


And if you want to pull out the stops to impress you can still do so without it costing you a fortune, it’s just a case of thinking ‘outside the box’…


This year I’ve been having some back problems, and the fact that my sofa is more than 11 years old and has a me sized indentation in it doesn’t help so at the beginning of the year I decided to look for a new sofa.


I spent a long time researching as I was looking for a good quality sofa that would last me a long time.  I finally came across a quirky company called Loaf.  As photos online can sometimes be deceptive, especially when it comes to judging fabric texture and colour, I requested some samples.


To my delight, the very next day I received this in the post, along with a catalogue which was sent separately…



I opened it up, eager to see my samples and got even more excited…


The wording in the packaging and the little sachet of branded hot chocolate won’t have costed Loaf that much money but those little finishing touches have certainly left a lasting impression with me and when I am ready to buy my new sofa they will certainly be my first stop!


So what little tweaks could you make within your business to make your customers think ‘WOW’?






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