What does Success mean to you...?

April 18, 2017



A few months ago I saw someone ask how much people thought you needed to be earning each month in order to be a success in one of the Facebook groups I'm in.


I thought it was an interesting question and watched as people starting jumping in throwing figures around.  But the truth is…


Everyone’s definition is going to be different, but it’s even more important to remember that success isn’t necessarily defined by the amount of money you bring in every month.  It’s more about what that money will allow you to achieve.


Ask yourself, what if your desire was to spend more time with your growing family. You might set yourself a money goal which you end up achieving but in order to do so you end up working much longer hours than you would have done in your corporate role.  Would you say that was a success…?


Some people want to replace the income from their corporate job while gaining more control and following their dreams.  Others want to earn lots of money and live a life of luxury.  While others are just looking to earn their own spending money and gain some independence. 


There are those who want to continue to bring in an income while having more flexibility to…


  • spend time with their growing family

  • travel the world

  • fit in other interests


This is why understanding your Whys, your motivators, is so important.  It will help you to create the right balance and enable you to put the WOW into both your business and your life.



I have created a free workbook that will help you put in place a solid foundation on which to build a sustainable business that will also give you the right work-life balance to also achieve your life vision.  You can get your free copy here...




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