Why you should put yourself in your customers' shoes

April 24, 2017



Your ideal customer is something that you will see and hear being talked about a lot in the online space, and for a good reason…


Knowing who your ideal customer is will help you…


  • Work out where they hang out so you know where to concentrate your marketing efforts

  • Identify the best communications methods to use

  • Shape your marketing messages for maximum impact

  • Develop the right customer offers to meet your customers’ needs and desires, or to solve their burning issues, and

  • Design an experience that not only meets but exceeds your customers’ expectations

With this in mind, consider…


You may have already started to get an idea of  who your ideal customer is when looking at your Whys and deciding the sort of business you want but now is the time to start fleshing that out.


One reason some people get a bit caught up when it comes to their ideal customer is that they think that they can only have one ideal customer.  This is not necessarily true.  You can have a number of different ideal customer groups who all have different motivations for wanting to buy from you, and different needs, desires, burning issues and expectations.


If you have more than one ideal customer you will need to do the following exercises for each ideal customer group.


Once you’ve got clear about WHO you want to serve you need to start getting a more in-depth understanding of them.  This will help you to do all of things we talked about in the previous section.


You need understand…


  • Where you are most likely to find them – on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn…), media they read (newspapers, magazines, specialist journals…), in-person (networking events, wedding fairs, nurseries and playgroups…)

  • What are their buying patterns and behaviours – how do they do their research, how do they prefer to buy, what is their preferred method of delivery, etc.

  • What needs, desires or burning issues are they trying to satisfy or find a solution to

  • What is the minimum level of service they would expect and what level would they consider satisfactory


Once you've got a good understanding of your ideal customer, you can then start designing your business around them.



I have created a free workbook that will help you put in place a solid foundation on which to build a sustainable business that will also give you the right work-life balance to also achieve your life vision.  You can get your free copy here...




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