It's all just a balancing act...

May 1, 2017


A lot of female entrepreneurs are driven by the desire to create a better life for themselves and their family, which often includes having more flexibility than they could have working in a corporate job, and being able to spend more quality time with the ones they love.


However, the reality is that this can often be much harder to achieve than we anticipated...


We start out all enthusiastic but before we know it we are overwhelmed by all the balls we have to juggle and things we need to learn and so we work harder and longer to try to get ahead, and before we know it, the balance we were hoping for has become a pipe dream.  Sound familiar...?


But it doesn't have to be that way.  Here are a few tips to help you get more balance in your life...


Choosing the right business model


When deciding on the best business, we need to take into consideration where we are in terms of our life situation and where we are likely to be, or want to be over the next 1-2 years.  This is important so we can be realistic about the number of hours we have to dedicate to our business.  For example, if you are going to be running your business on top of holding down a full-time job or juggling a newborn or toddlers you are only going to have a limited amount of hours to dedicate to building your business.


Out of the hours that you do have available to you a large proportion of them, at least initially, will be taken up by working on your business rather than in it, which will reduce the number of hours you can dedicate to serving your customers.


If you're trying to build up a business that will allow you to leave your job and focus on it full-time, or give you a livable income quickly, it's important to choose a business model that allows you to do this within the hours you have available.


Working on customer projects or fulfilling orders or working 1:1 with clients can take up a lot of your personal time, and depending on what field you work in it can restrict the amount of income you can generate if you are working with only a limited capacity.


But that's not the only way to earn money.  If you want to generate additional income to help you earn the money you desire without having to continuously invest large amounts of your time you could consider creating and selling passive income products, such as books (both hard copy and downloadable), courses and online programmes. 


Setting boundaries


Boundaries are important for both you and your customers.  


Decide on the hours you want to work and make sure that your customers know what these are.  Make sure that you manage their expectations by letting them know when they can expect you to get back to them if they contact you out of hours.


But you also need to set boundaries with yourself.  With social media swiftly becoming the easiest way to attract new customers we tend to spend a fair bit of time on it, and if we're not careful, it can be extremely easy to get sucked in and waste hours on there.


These are a few ways to avoid this...


  • Set yourself a time limit for posting and interacting on social media and dealing with emails each day

  • Schedule a certain amount of content ahead of time so you don't need to keep going online throughout the day

  • Limit time spent on social media out of working hours and avoid checking emails completely


Creating a schedule


It's easy to loose track of time when you're trying to juggle too many jobs at once.  And it's also much easier to get distracted that way.


Creating a schedule and having a set day to do particular jobs on will help you to stay focused whilst also making sure that you get everything done.


Don't forget to also schedule in 'me' time as it's important to regularly recharge your batteries and time for personal development.


Stop being a People Pleaser


You can't do everything, especially if time is short.  You need to get very clear on your vision and what is in and out of it.


It is easy to get tempted by opportunities that come along even if they don't really fit with what you want to do, or to take on clients who are not your 'ideal client', especially when you are just starting out.  But doing things that you don't really love doing is going to take up your time and sap your energy, stopping you from focusing on what you do want.


It's absolutely okay to see 'No' to things that don't fit into your vision.  In fact, it is essential because they can often turn into a millstone around your neck.


And this doesn't apply to business either...


Hiring a Business Coach


One of the best things I did for my business was hire my own business coach.  Not only has she helped me to fill the gaps in my knowledge, saving me endless hours trying to identify and then fill those gaps myself, but she's helped me sort out the chatter in my brain and create a clear plan of action.  And she continues to help me to stay focused.


It is important to remember though that when you are choosing a coach to go for someone who specialises in an area you are struggling with or have no prior knowledge in, as well as someone you feel comfortable with and really gel with.




When you're first starting out, you don't always have the resources to outsource work but if you do it is definitely an investment worth making.


Getting someone to takeover jobs, both in your business or around the home, you either don't enjoy, aren't so good at or which are time consuming and non-money generating will free up your precious time and allow you to focus on those jobs that are in your zone of genius.



Are you struggling to find the right balance between your business or life, or are just starting out and want to start off on the right foot...?


I am currently looking for Beta testers for my brand new 3 month 1:1 coaching package built around my signature 'WOW Factor' formula for business growth.  


If you are ready to take action and invest in your future, and failure is not an option then this offer could be just for you and will literally save you thousands, so if you know you need help moving your business forward but have been struggling to find the money to invest, read on!




  • You’re currently in corporate and either thinking about or already have a side business, or you’ve left corporate to focus on your business full-time in the last 6 months

  • You’re feeling trapped and suffocated by your current job and know you are capable of more and that there’s got to be something better out there for you

  • You feel like you’re on a bit of a rollercoaster, excited and inspired one minute and overwhelmed and disillusioned the next

  • You know you have the talent and the skills, knowledge and experience to deliver what you want to sell but are struggling with having to learn and juggle all the other aspects of running a business

  • You don’t know which way to turn or what your next step should be and have no-one you can turn to


During our time together I will help you to...


  • Total clarity on your short and long term business and life goals and how to make both work seamlessly together

  • Complete confidence in who your ideal customer is, what they need and how your business can serve them most powerfully

  • A range of products and services that meet your customers’ needs whilst also giving you the freedom and flexibility to live your life and run your business on your terms

  • A pricing strategy that reflects the value of the work you do and the results you deliver, and has customers lining up to buy from you

  • Designed an experience that will have your customers coming back again and again and start building you a group of raving fans

  • Processes, policies and systems in place that will help you streamline your business and free you up to focus on enjoying life whilst earning the income you need


Your investment will be just £999 ($1,280) - payment plan is available


There are only limited slots available so act quickly...


If you are interested and would like to find out more, book a call with me >> asap so we can discuss whether or not this package is the right fit for you.




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