Customer experience is the new marketing...

June 1, 2017


When you start out in business you put a lot of time, energy and even money into trying to attract new customers, but what about once you've landed them.....!?!?!


Have you carefully planned out the experience that you'd like your customers to have when they interact with your business in some way and consider how you would like them to feel...or do you just let it happen...?


If you consider that it can cost 6-7x more to acquire a new customer than it does to keep an existing one, and that the probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70% compared to only 5-20% for new customers, you can easily see why it pays to take the time to properly plan out your customer experience and make sure that your customers walk away feeling the way you want them to.


Not only are happy customers more likely to become loyal customers who keep coming back again and again but they are also more likely to tell other people about you and the experiences they've had with you, becoming a walking advertisement for your business.


So how do you go about creating a memorable experience for your customers...?


Understanding your Customers 


The starting point is to develop a good understanding of your ideal customer, including what they want, need, expect, their buying behaviours and what the most important elements of the customer experience for them.


Identifying your Touchpoints and Moments of Truth


You also need to identify all of your customer touchpoints.  A touchpoint is an interaction your customer will have with your business.  It could be anything from your marketing material or the home page on your website to the dressing room in your store or your till or online checkout. 


You will have a lot of touchpoints within your customer journey, probably more than you realise.  It’s important to identify them all so that you can make sure that the experiences your customers have flows seamlessly.


Once you’ve identified all of your touchpoints, you need to identify those interactions where customers are more emotionally invested in reaching a satisfactory outcome.  These are known as Moments of Truth and are important because as consumer research shows, 15% of customers’ buying decisions are rational and 85 % of it is emotional.


Moments of Truth are where you can make a real difference for your customers.  For example, when a customer wants to complain about a damaged product or service failure, or they are seeking advice.  Whether in a positive or a negative way, the experience your customer has at these Moments of Truth will affect their relationship with your business and their perception about your brand.


Creating a Memorable Experience


Your customer's journey with your business presents you with two main opportunities:


1.  To persuade potential customers to buy from you, and

2.  To  make the experience so memorable that they become a loyal customer


When it comes to creating a series of experiences that will help you to take advantage of both of these opportunities, you can ask yourself a series of questions that will help you to hit the right note.  Here are a few examples...

  • What do my customers need to help them make a decision at this point?

  • How would they prefer to take in the information?

  • How can I put my personal stamp on this?

  • What could I do at this point to make us stand out from the competition?

  • How can I make it as easy as possible for my customer to...find the information they need, follow me on social media, get my free resources or sign up for my newsletter, get in contact, find the product/service they're looking for, buy from me, etc.?

  • What potential service failures could occur at this point and what could we do to reduce the risk of it happening?

  • What would we need to do if a service failure did happen?


Gathering this information will help you create an experience that doesn't just meet your customers' expectatons but exceeds them.



If you would like more advice and tips, come and join my community of amazing Business Goddesses here.




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