How long have you been thinking about starting your own business…?

April 26, 2018


Much like approx. 10% of the female workforce, I spent years dreaming of having my own business.


On and off over the years I would come up with different ideas about what I could do, daydreaming about what it would be like and the freedom it would give me.


Even during periods when I was loving my job I would still get excited about some of the ideas that kept popping into my head and would even go as far as spending my evening mapping out those ideas and turning them into business plans.


But that’s as far as I ever got…


I would tell myself that I wasn’t ready yet, that I needed more experience in X, a new qualification in Y, to develop more skills in Z, or to save up enough money to cover start-up costs and my expenses while I was getting going.  Or I’d look at the investment needed for some of my ideas and think it was way outside my reach.


But I never created a plan designed to help me achieve any of the above for one simple reason…they were just excuses!


The truth was that I lived on my own and had a lot of financial responsibilities, and was actually in a nice secure job, which at the time I quite liked.  Whilst the thought of starting my own business excited me, it also scared me silly.


And then there was my Dad, who’d had opportunities himself in the past to do something amazing and potentially reap big rewards as a result, but who had ultimately chosen to play safe.  What would he say if I decided to start my own business with the intention of eventually leaving the safety of my job…?


When the joy in my job started to become overshadowed by the stress and constraints of working for a line manager who seemed intent on making my work life difficult, I started to think about what I could realistically do.  But even then I was reluctant to make that final commitment and start laying the foundations of a business.


I convinced myself that the one thing I would be really good at, coaching, wasn’t something I could build up alongside my job, that I would need to go all in, and that just wasn’t viable for me.


But again, it was just excuses because I was afraid of taking the leap.  At the end of the day, if I’d really wanted it, I had the ability to come up with a creative solution that would have enabled me to make it happen.


And then life stepped in and more or less made the decision for me…


After years of trying to be strong and cope with everything on my own, I had a nervous breakdown. 


Rather than go back and face the same situation again, I decided to take the Voluntary Early Severance that came up while I was off work and my entrepreneurial journey began.


But don’t make the same mistake I did by putting off starting your business until the ‘right time’.


The truth is that there is no such thing as the ‘right time’!


So don’t wait until something happens to force your hand, because by doing so you end up putting yourself under unnecessary pressure to make it work, and quickly.


If the thought of running your own business keeps popping into your head, then it’s time to take the first step…


It’s time to start exploring your options.  To download your ideas, do your research, define what you want to do and why, and lay the foundations of your business.


Stop waiting, and start taking action…NOW!



If you’re ready to turn your dreams into reality and don’t have time to waste trying to work out what you should be doing, then book your free discovery call here and we can discuss how you can start creating a business that leverages your talents and allows you to make the impact you know you’re capable of.





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