Want to wave goodbye to your corporate life and run your own business? Then you need to make sure you have this one key thing in place…

April 28, 2018


When you start a business there is a tendency to subconsciously rebel against anything that feels remotely like the rigidity of your corporate role…strategy, planning, goals, targets, etc.


Instead, people tend to jump straight in, focusing on the fun bits of starting a business and filling their time with all the ‘work’ they think they need to do, but without any real understanding of where they’re headed.


They may have a vague idea of what they want to achieve, but nothing concrete that they can actually work towards.


As a new business owner you know you want to grow your business to the point where you can leave your job, because to try and juggle the two indefinitely just isn’t viable, but you don’t have an exact date in mind (and no…as soon as possible isn’t a target date).


You don’t really know just how much you need to be consistently earning before that can happen, what your business needs to look like to get to that point, or what the quickest route to getting there is.


What you need…is an exit strategy.


You can have all the best intentions in the world, but without a solid plan you are likely to end up drifting along aimlessly never getting any closer to achieving your goal, constantly pushing back your estimated departure date because you’re struggling to earn the sort of money you think you’ll need consistently, or you’re lacking the confidence and conviction in your abilities to commit to making that leap.


Having an exit strategy though will provide you with the clarity and focus you need to build a business that will allow you to confidently take the next step to full-time entrepreneur in the quickest possible time.


It will…


  • give you a departure date to work towards, if you don’t already have one

  • help you to understand the minimum income target you need to be hitting consistently by your departure date

  • give you a clear vision of what your business needs to look like to help you create the income you require

  • give you a clear plan with easily actionable steps to get you there

  • give you challenging goals and targets to work towards so you can measure progress and know when you’ve got there


Having an exit strategy will save you valuable time and allow you to focus all your energies on doing what you really want to be doing much quicker than you would otherwise.



Don’t have time to waste…?  If you want to get your exit strategy in place and start building your business in the quickest possible time, I can help you.


Book your free discovery call here, and we can discuss what you will need to do to make this happen.




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