3 Tips For Overcoming Procrastination And Constantly Moving Forwards

May 5, 2018


When the going gets tough, the tough may well get going…but for the majority of us, it can be the beginning of a cycle of procrastination.


Quite often it creeps up on you without you being aware of it…


>> All of a sudden those cleaning jobs you would usually go out of your way to avoid become urgent

>> You decide to quickly check your social media before you start and the next time you check clock realise you’ve just wasted the last three hours watching cute cat videos and reading stories about dogs being reunited with their owners

>> You discover an obsession with Candy Crush and Farm Friends, and just want to get to the next level before you settle down to work…or maybe the one after that

>> You decide you don’t know enough (even though you do…) and need to do more research first

>> You get side tracked by your latest brilliant idea and get completely caught up mapping it all out

>> You decide that you’ll just have a nap/make a drink or snack/watch this episode of Game of Thrones and then you’ll get down to work

>> You’ve wasted the bulk of the day do everything but what you needed to do and decide it’s too late now so you might as well put it off until tomorrow and come back to it when you’re feeling refreshed

>> You sit there looking at a blank page on a screen for hours because your brain has gone completely blank


Any of this sound familiar…?


The truth is that we all procrastinate at some point or other… 


And sometimes it gives us the breathing space we need to stop us from making rash decisions that might have a negative impact on us.  But procrastination can also be the killer of dreams.  It can leave us feeling stuck, frustrated and like we’re not capable of doing this and therefore a failure.  And it can lead to missed opportunities, wasting valuable time, missed deadlines and not achieving your goals or targets.


Next time you realise you’re starting to fall into the procrastination trap, follow these top tips to get yourself back into the right headspace to quickly overcome those feelings…


1.  Reconnect with your goals – Think about the goals that you are currently working towards and the outcomes you want to achieve.


Take yourself forward in time to a point where you have achieved your goal…


How does that feel?

What does it look like?

Who is with you?

What are you doing?


Feel the confidence you get from having achieved your goals, the sense of achievement.  And then ask yourself…how would my future self tackle what needs to be done next?  And follow their guidance.


Of course it helps if you look at the goals you are setting at the outset and make sure that you are only choosing goals that YOU want to go for, and understand why you want to do them.


Being passionate about your goals is a powerful motivator and will help you to stay focused on what you need to be doing to achieve that goal, even when you’re stepping outside of your comfort zone and tackling things that scare you.


2.  Break it down into chunks – I encourage my clients to ‘dream big’, bigger even than their minds sometimes allow them to belief is possible for them, but if you want to actually achieve those dreams you need to start thinking small.


It’s like that age old joke “How do you eat an elephant?”, “One bite at a time…”


When you want to achieve a goal, especially a big one, believing that it’s do-able seems like a huge stretch of the imagination.


But breaking your dream down into goals, your goals down into milestones, and your milestones down into easily actionable steps will help you to shift your mindset by making it all seem much more manageable.


Having a clear action plan stops you from feeling so overwhelmed, which is what often leads to procrastination, and makes it easier to keep taking steps forward and helps you achieve the momentum you need to carry you forward.


3.  Set yourself some rules – One of the things that tends to happen when you’re feeling overwhelmed is that you end up having the attention span of a gnat.


Just as you get going on something you find yourself getting distracted by other things again.


So as well as breaking tasks into lots of easily achievable steps, it also helps to set yourself some rules such as setting yourself X minutes a day to focus on a specific task or write X amount of words per day, etc. before you take a break/make a coffee/have lunch/go for a walk.


Shorter bursts of activity help you to stay focused and keep making progress.



Are you struggling to build your business alongside a job and are ready to go all in to achieve your goal of being able to wave goodbye to your job and give your business your full focus? Book your FREE Build your Business strategy session here, and we can discuss how you can achieve your goal.




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