Are you selling yourself short…?

June 7, 2018


It really saddens me how many women who are starting out in business set their sights low.


They either believe that in order to reduce the stress in their lives and get the freedom and flexibility they desire they need to compromise on their lifestyle, or they completely undervalue their skills and talents and sell themselves short.


The main reasons for this are a combination of lack of confidence and lack of vision.


But the truth is your only limits are the ones you set yourself…!


One of my amazing clients, Linzi, is a great example of this.  After a major life event, she decided to leave her high paying job in the city to move back to the countryside and become a wedding and event planner.  When I first met her she told me she was prepared to compromise on the luxury lifestyle she’d become accustomed to so she could do something she really enjoyed doing in a less pressurised environment.


After a bit of probing, it became clear she was basing the assumption she’d have to compromise on her dreams on the traditional wedding planning business model she was building her business around, which required a lot of her personal time and energy and would therefore limit her income generating capacity.


During our conversation, she talked about how difficult it was for suppliers in the unconventional wedding market to find their ideal customers, so I suggested an idea for filling that gap, starting her own directory site specifically for the unconventional wedding market, and she loved it. 


But the biggest irony was that she’d had a similar idea herself in the past but hadn’t pursued it because she hadn’t had the confidence to do so before.


Roll on 9 months and she has just launched her new business venture, Unconventional Wedding and already has almost 100 suppliers signed up.


Not only has she gone way above and beyond what she thought she was capable of but she has discovered she loves this side of the business so much she wants to build it to the point where she can make it her main focus, only offering a limited number of high end planning packages every year.


But best of all is that from this one idea a whole world of possibilities has opened up for her, with the first Unconventional Wedding Festival already in the pipeline.


Now she’s no longer constrained by the age old ‘time vs. money’ issue.  Instead she has a business model which gives her unlimited earning potential.


And you can have this too…


It all starts with your dream, with acknowledging what you really want from life and not accepting compromises.


By thinking outside the box, looking beyond the traditional way things are done in your industry and exploring other ways of using the skills, knowledge and experience you have, you can identify the potential to build pretty much any business into one which can help you achieve those dreams, no matter how big they are.


And by breaking it down into easily manageable steps you can start taking action and building momentum, which in turn will increase your confidence in your ability to achieve whatever you set your heart on.


So…are you ready to start dreaming bigger!?!?!



Are you ready to start building a business that allows you to quit your job and create the life you want?  Then book your free Build Your Business strategy session here.




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