You no longer need to compromise on your career…

June 15, 2018


The other night I was chatting with my Mum, reflecting on how events and decisions made in the past have impacted on where I am today, and wondering what might have happened if things had been different.


In particular, we were talking about what my career would have been looked like if my relationship with a particular ex-boyfriend had gone the distance and I’d become a forces wife.


I’m pretty certain I wouldn’t have been able to have the career I ended up having because that would have required me staying in and around a certain area, and meant I needed to be able to relocate overseas in my own right.


What I realised was that because of the era I grew up in I would have had to be the one who compromised on my career, and my options would have been restricted by being regularly uprooted. 


You see back when I started my career the world was a very different place.


At the risk of showing my age, computers were only just making their mark in the workplace and the internet was in its infancy.  In fact, when I joined the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, which was a little behind the private sector, they hadn’t even introduced computers yet. 


There was no such thing as flexible working as portable solutions were still in their early stages and were very clunky.  Mobile phones were like bricks and were still rarities in most workplaces, and certainly didn’t have the functionality we take for granted nowadays.  And laptops were still a long way off.


As a result, career options were a lot more limited with a focus on more traditional jobs.


Thankfully, advances in technology and the introduction of social media has transformed all that, opening up a whole host of new flexible opportunities.


In order to have a successful ‘career’ you no longer have to live within reasonable commuting distance of a big city, work all hours of the day and night, sacrifice time with your family, play the long game and gradually work your way up the corporate ladder, or compromise who you are by trying to fit in with what is expected.


And you no longer have to sacrifice your ‘career’ for that of your partner, accept second best because your priorities have changed, or be bound to one location.


While the corporate world may be falling behind the times when it comes to offering flexible working solutions, the opportunities to go it alone and create your own path are increasing.


You no longer have to be a technical whizz kid, be highly qualified in your field or have access to large amounts of funding to start up your own business and make a living working for yourself.


It doesn’t matter what your skill set is, what experience you have or where your talents lie, it is possible to build a viable business around them, especially if you tap into your creativity and think outside the box.


Whether you want to build a business around your hobby, turn your corporate role into a freelance gig, or focus on your strengths in a way you weren’t able to in your corporate job, it’s perfectly possible.


So if you’re feeling unfulfilled, unappreciated, overlooked or torn in some way about your job, now is the time to start working out what you DO want from your career.



Ready to take action but don’t know where to start?  Then book your free Build Your Business strategy session here.




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