“I don’t have time to start a business…”

July 5, 2018


I can’t tell you how many hours I spent trying to work out what sort of business I could start and how would I manage it alongside my day job.  But I always came back to the same conclusion…


”I don’t have time to start a business…!”


Whilst I truly believed that I didn’t have the time and energy to create the business I wanted on top of my day job, it was really just a sneaky little ninja mind trick feeding me BS excuses in an attempt to protect me.


But staying inside your comfort zone won’t get you anywhere.  It won’t help you to change your situation.  And it won’t help you turn your dreams into reality.


The truth is that if you really want something…and I mean really REALLY want it, you will find a way to make it happen.


If you’re committed to building the business you’ve been dreaming of you’ll find the time you need, whether that means getting up early, staying up late, giving up your weekends or snatching a few hours on the train as you commute to and from work.


The trouble with juggling your time like this though is you can only really sustain it for a finite amount of time without burning out in the process.


You see the key to achieving your goal is not finding the time…it’s about the way you use that time!


Using the time you have available for your business effectively will help you get to the point where you can confidently hand in your notice and focus fully on your business much quicker.


So how can you make sure that you are leveraging your time effectively…?



Thinking outside the box


What would we do without innovation?


The world would be a pretty dull place…right!?!?


And that’s why I encourage my clients to think outside the box, whether that’s what they choose to offer or the way they offer it, the experiences they create for their customers, or even the way they work.


Why…?  Because not only will it help them stand out from the crowd and build their customer base quicker, but it can also help them find a way to build a business when they only have limited time in which to do so.


I’ve worked with women who have decided to make a complete career change by flipping the unique set of skills, knowledge and experience they’ve acquired on its head and using them in a whole new way, allowing them to solve their customers’ problem in a way that also fits around the time they have available.


And I’ve worked women who’ve gone into an industry they wanted to work in following a traditional path who have had their eyes opened to new ideas that will transform the way things are done and are much less time consuming for them.


So think about what you want to do, who you want to help and how you want to help them, and consider how you could best do this in the time you have available and also create a viable business.



Understanding what the must-haves and the nice-to-haves for your business


The amount of things you think you need to do and learn when you’re starting out in business can quickly become overwhelming.


Not only will trying to do it all at once take up a lot of your time but it’s also the quickest way of spiralling down into a state of procrastination as you struggle to work out what to do next.


This is why it’s so important to sit down and identify what the must-have activities are to get you to your goal…in this case building your fledgling business up to the point you can leave your job, and what can wait until you have more time and energy to dedicate to growing your business.


Now what those must-have elements are will vary depending on the sort of business you’re setting up. 


It’s about looking at each element of your business and striping it down to the basics focusing solely on the things that will start building your customer base.


Of course there will be elements that apply to every business such as putting solid business foundations in place and planning.  But there will also be elements where you can start small and scale up, such as marketing.


For example, do you really need a website before you can start selling?  Now this depends very much on what you’re selling and who you’re selling to, but on the whole the answer is No.  It’s absolutely possible to start selling your products and services without a website and then scale up down the line once you have the time, money and a better understanding of what you need for your business.



Knowing your numbers


The main reason new business owners tend to go round and round in circles is because they don’t really know where they’re headed.


Personally, I think there’s an element of rebelling against the corporate way of doing things going on there.  I was certainly guilty of this at the beginning of my business journey.  It’s just so exciting, finally getting to do what you want in the way you want to do it.  But there’s a reason big businesses spend so much time planning…because it gives you the focus and direction you need.


When it comes to planning how you’re going to build your business alongside your job, the most important element is going to be getting to grips with your numbers.  And by numbers, I’m not just talking financial but time too.


Understanding your numbers will allow you to make informed decisions and set realistic targets.


You need to know what the minimum income target is that you need to consistently hit before you can hand in your notice.  And you need to understand what your costs will be and your potential profit from various offer and pricing strategy options.


You need to understand how much time you’ll have available to you each week to work on your business, and how much of that time is available to create or deliver what you sell, as opposed to finding new customers.


Once you know your numbers you have the information you need to working out the quickest way for you to get to where you want to be.



Finding the right support


Trying to work everything out for yourself is time consuming and means you’re more likely to take wrong turns and make lots of mistakes, which also takes up valuable time.  Time you don’t have!


Finding the right support to guide you, advise you, inspire you, encourage you, challenge you and hold you accountable will help you achieve your goals much quicker, and with a lot less pain.


It’s best to avoid opportunities which focus on showing you a specific ‘proven’ strategy when you’re just starting out because what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another.  It’s best to get a good understanding of what approach might work best for you first before investing time and money on this type of course or programme.


Instead, look for the type of support where you’ll get more personalised advice and guidance, be able to explore your options, and where you will not only learn new things but also how to apply them in your business.



Are you ready to start your business and are looking for the right support to get you off to a flying start?  Then book your Build Your Business session here.


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