Before working with Melanie, I was feeling a bit confused and lacked clarity on the next steps I should take for my business.  The main thing holding me back was a lack of clarity around my target customer.


I really loved the energy Melanie brought to the session and the sincere way she helped me.  I really loved the feedback that she gave me and she helped me realise that I can have more than one target customer and helped me see that things can be easier than I think they are!


Melanie has helped me to develop a clear, structured way forward and I now feel much more energised about my business again, and excited about working towards the next step.


Just two weeks after our session, I had a discovery call following the structure Melanie gave me and I landed my first paying client!

Sherina Shamdasani | Free to Feel

I just want to give a shout out and say a big THANK YOU to Melanie Coleman!


In just the few days since our Clarity session I have completely changed the way I feel about my business and have started attracting new clients and collaborations and feel like I know where I've been going wrong!


You re-ignited the fire and I'm so grateful! Thank you xxx

Debbie Goodall | The Abundant Beauty Business Club

I had been getting overwhelmed by the enormity of what I wanted to achieve, and was struggling with the financing and planning aspects of my business.


After talking to Melanie I now have a much clearer idea of what I need to do, have started planning properly and feel like my business goals are now much more achievable.  I’ve realised that I need to slow down and take more time to plan my business properly.


Melanie is knowledgeable, friendly and very easy to talk to, and she put me at ease straight away.  She was always happy to explain things to me and I felt comfortable asking her anything.

Emma Debben | Wild Forest Wool

Before working with Melanie, I felt like I was managing to complete everything that needed to be done, but the fact that I didn't really have any kind of organisation system was always at the back of my mind and made me feel less productive. I always got everything done, but in a very stressful way!


My biggest issue was that I wasn’t focusing my attention on what needed to be done first, such as focusing on money-making tasks.  Instead I was padding out my day with unnecessary tasks just to seem busy.  I was also struggling to create an organisation system and to-do list that was manageable and would move me further to my goals.


I loved all the valuable help and tips I received, which started within the first few minutes of the session and continued throughout the rest of the session. It was nice to be able to talk to somebody who can relate to your issues and who is so easy to talk to.


After just one session I feel so much more positive!  I was inspired to create my own little planner where I have room to write all of my to-do items for the tasks that I need to complete in my business. I’ve also learned to avoid creating huge to-do lists each day and instead, am focusing on the most important tasks. I thought that I would feel less productive only putting a few items on my to-do list each day but being able to cross them off, and knowing I’ve completed them fully is actually much more fulfilling.  I will also be using the daily planner sheet that you created for me too from now on!


I’ve taken courses and read books on business in the past and felt like I wasn't learning anything new, but I was still struggling in my business. I always thought my big issue was marketing, but actually it was what I least expected: organisation/to-do lists/overwhelm, which could potentially be a big problem for me.  However, I came away from my session having learned some easy and manageable steps to overcoming my organisation and overwhelm problems that I could implement straight away.


I would highly recommend Melanie! I have learned so much from my coaching session with her and have already started to implement the next steps we discussed. Melanie is friendly and easy to talk to and the session was not at all intimidating or stressful.

Luisa Kearney | Online Personal Stylist